Case Study: WATI Helped Pretty Ballerinas Israel Boost Customer Support

WATI helped boost customer support via WhatsApp

To empower businesses to harness the power of the advancements in the messaging industry, reach wider audiences, and accomplish their goals, we’re proud to tell you all about WATI’s newest success story – with Pretty Ballerinas Israel, a franchisee of the Spanish shoe retail brand that delivers its products manufactured in Menorca to all over the world.

Through our cooperation, WATI has equipped this business with the advanced tools to implement the WhatsApp Business API platform, which Pretty Ballerinas Israel then deployed to streamline its customer support and improve the sales process.

This way, the shoe business set itself on the path toward the future through one of today’s most popular communication platforms that have already amassed over 2 billion users.

WATI's WhatsApp Business Solution Helped Pretty Ballerinas


Pretty Ballerinas Israel is a franchisee of a popular Spanish brand Pretty Ballerinas, which offers comfortable and trendy shoes to women in the 25+ age group all over the world.

Struggles before integrating WATI

Before establishing this fruitful cooperation, the team behind Pretty Ballerinas Israel struggled with many of the pain points we have all too often heard from our other clients before joining us.

In their day-to-day communication and broadcasts to shoppers and those considering becoming one, the support agents had to rely on what solutions they had at their disposal. For broadcast solution, they had to rely on text messages which had an extremely low response rate, which made them ineffective.

It also wasn’t suitable for handling several hundreds of chats requests and queries the business would receive during campaign days, using only one phone number and having to rely on just one customer support agent. This limitation existed because the tools they had used before didn’t support multiple agents logging in at the same time to chat with customers.

As the business attracted more attention from the shoppers and people who simply wanted to know more about it, the volume of customer communication increased significantly. The consequences were as expected – low response rate and high customer dissatisfaction. Something had to be done, and it had to happen quickly.

Luckily, the ideal solution in the form of the WhatsApp Business API was launched in 2018, with exactly these problems (among others) in mind. Through authorized service providers like WATI, WhatsApp’s Business API can provide a growing business with:

  • a team inbox for as many support agents as you need,
  • a centralized dashboard where all of them can work together,
  • loads of personalization options,
  • automation of messaging processes via chatbot,
  • contact synchronization,
  • a recognizable green checkmark next to its name in profile and chat headers, showing your business is legitimate and verified by the messaging giant.

WATI - Team Inbox


WATI provides a comprehensive communication platform for your customer support team

Unlike the WhatsApp Business app and other communication methods the business had previously freely used, WhatsApp Business API required a mediator – an authorized service provider which would:

  • connect the business with the WhatsApp Business API,
  • verify your business’ legitimacy,
  • send messages and replies to customers on your behalf,
  • broadcast your messages,
  • provide a user-friendly interface for your team inbox and dashboard,
  • offer simple and detailed analytics and granulated reports.

In search of a WhatsApp Business API provider that would help them overcome previous limitations, the team had stumbled upon a communications platform that had great promises but ultimately failed to deliver and left its client hanging without the finished approval process. Disappointed, they decided to reach out to us here in WATI, and we were more than happy to help them.

Success after integrating WATI

Soon after we started cooperating, our newest client realized just how easy and quick we made the process of signing up and activation, along with the rest of the perks they discovered once they began using our platform.

WATI helped Pretty Ballerinas Israel reach out to its wider target audience by facilitating the WhatsApp broadcast option, allowing them to send an identical message to multiple contacts at once.

WhatsApp Broadcast list


One of WATI’s advantages is its broadcast feature that allows you to create and send messages to a large body of customers at the same time

As a result, the business managed to experience a dramatically increased response rate and an improved customer satisfaction rate, since it was now able to share with them all the information that they wouldn’t be able to receive in any other way. The company plans to expand the use of this feature in the future.

What’s more, it no longer has to rely on just one customer support agent taking the brunt of the entire customer communication. Thanks to the nature of the WhatsApp Business API that supports multiple logins and WATI’s mobile app (for Android and iOS) that takes customer support with your agent wherever they are, they can hire more customer support agents to handle more queries.

WhatsApp Chat Analytics In WATI CRM


Gain actionable insights from WATI’s detailed analytics on matters like broadcast message volume

Established as a shoe brand in February 2005, Pretty Ballerinas opened its first exclusive store in London in 2007. The brand currently has 84 stores in cities around the world, including in New York, Miami, Barcelona, Milan, Paris, Tokyo, Singapore, and elsewhere. Integrating WATI has allowed its Israeli franchisee to increase its outreach even further, especially in unprecedented times when customers can’t come to their brick-and-mortar stores.

WhatsApp launched its Business platform in 2018, with small and medium-sized business owners in mind. The main goal was to facilitate better client-customer communication. WhatsApp Business is popular just as its personal counterpart, recording more than three million users. In August 2018, the WhatsApp Business API saw the light of day, as the messaging giant’s first revenue-generating enterprise product.

WATI is the product of Clare.AI, the digital assistant platform utilizing the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and proprietary language processing technology to produce award-winning customer communication solutions. Joining us would make you a part of the society that includes multinational and Fortune 50 companies such as Cigna HK, MoneyTap, EXLMART, CRM Jewelers, PolyU University HK, Zellbury, FlyTaxiHK, Tatayab, and more.

Has your business grown too large for all of the usual messaging apps, including the regular WhatsApp Business app? If so, then you need all the capabilities of the WhatsApp Business API we can offer you. So head over to our website to sign up for a free trial and see for yourself – you won’t be disappointed.

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