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Direct access to WhatsApp Business APIs to help you build your own solution on WhatsApp

About WATI

WATI is the fastest growing communication platform built on WhatsApp APIs

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3500+ businesses across the world ❤️ WATI

Access WhatsApp’s Official APIs

You get full access to all WhatsApp Official APIs. You can build your own solution. The API Document will be exactly like the one mentioned on WhatsApp Website.

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Zero Setup Fee, Transparent Pricing

No cost for setting up or getting approval for your number. You only pay a monthly fee and message usage fee

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Rich Media Templates, Interactive Buttons

You have access to Rich Media Templates such as images, videos, documents. You can also send interactive buttons such as quick reply buttons and call to action buttons

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Quick Approval & Setup

We have quick approval and setup time. If your Facebook Business is verified, we get you approved in less than 5 business days.

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