Bulk WhatsApp Message Sender – Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages

How to send bulk WhatsApp Messages Effectively?

Bulk WhatsApp Sender: How to send bulk WhatsApp Messages?

More and more brands and companies are turning towards WhatsApp as a marketing platform or an engagement platform. Hence it becomes essential for them to send WhatsApp bulk messages to their customers.

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Sending bulk WhatsApp Messages to your audience base saves your time and effort and allows you to market your products and services effectively. Searching for a reliable bulk whatsapp sender is hard as most of them are unofficial tools.

Using such unofficial ‘Bulk Message WhatsApp’ tools may lead to a permanent ban on your WhatsApp business number.

With over 2 billion users on WhatsApp, it is the most used communication app in the world.

How to send bulk messages on WhatsApp?

WATI BULK WHATSAPP SENDER is an automated software built on top of the Official WhatsApp Business APIs and designed to send WhatsApp Messages in bulk directly from a PC/Laptop in a simple and effective way.

Let’s dig more into Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Softwares.

You can send bulk WhatsApp Messages to your users in 2 ways –

  • Use the Unofficial tools to send WhatsApp Messages
  • Use WhatsApp’s Official APIs to send messages

Both the above approaches of WhatsApp bulk messaging are different and they have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Sending Bulk WhatsApp Messages using Unofficial Tools

Advantages –


  • No need to get WhatsApp API approval
  • No need to get message templates approved before sending
  • Can be used by businesses or for personal use
  • Easy to setup


Disadvantages –


  • The solution is not affiliated with WhatsApp and hence there are high chances of the number being banned
  • As WhatsApp continues to make changes to its platform, these unofficial solutions may stop working
  • No possibility of getting Green Tick Verification

Sending Bulk WhatsApp Messages using Official APIs

Advantages –


  • You do not have to worry about the number being banned
  • Reliable solution – can be used for automation, messages can be scheduled
  • Auto-reply chatbots can be built
  • Multiple Agents can log in and reply to customers
  • APIs can be integrated with external systems – to send transactional updates
  • Possibility of getting Green Tick Verification


Disadvantages –


  • Requires Business API approval
  • Templates must be pre-approved by WhatsApp – Promotional messages are not allowed
  • Not for personal use

With WhatsApp APIs, you can also enable a WhatsApp Chatbot on your business number that’ll help you automate your sales and customer support.

How to apply for WhatsApp Official API?

To apply for WhatsApp Official APIs, you must have the below details –


  1. WhatsApp Phone Number (Should not have a WhatsApp account, this number is non-transferable)
    If you want to delete the WhatsApp account with your number, follow these steps.

  2. Business Display Name (Should have a clear relationship with Business)
    To know about the Display Name Guide, please click here.

  3. Verified Facebook Business Manager ID (should be verified by uploading business documents)
    If you do not have a Facebook Business, please create by clicking here.

    To verify your Facebook Business, please follow Facebook Business Verification Process.


Once you have these details, you must submit these details to a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) such as WATI. To apply with WATI, you can apply using this link.

Use WATI's Bulk WhatsApp Sender - Step by Step Guide

You can send Bulk WhatsApp Messages to your list of contacts using WATI.


Once you have WATI access, you can use the Broadcast module to send the messages.

WATI’s Broadcast module is used for bulk WhatsApp Messaging because:

✅ You can create WhatsApp Business Templates and send customized interactive messages directly from your WhatsApp Business Account.


✅ Ability to see the report of the campaigns in WhatsApp Broadcast history on the dashboard.

Let’s understand how to start a Bulk WhatsApp Campaign using WATI:


Step 1: On the WATI Dashboard, navigate to the ‘Broadcasts’ tab.

image 30.png

Step 2: Click on ‘New Broadcast’ button on the top-right side.

image 31

Step 3: Add the broadcast name, choose the template and choose the time when you want to send the message. Click on ‘Next‘.

image 32.png

Step 4: Choose from a list of your contacts or upload your own list of contacts. Click on ‘Add Broadcast’.

Screenshot 2020 12 22 at 3.24.19 PM.png

Step 5: Track your WhatsApp broadcast status and analytics.

image 35.png

You can track how many users read your messages and how many replied to your messages. You can check all their replies on the ‘Team Inbox’.


For a more detailed walkthrough, you can watch this video.

You can also send Bulk WhatsApp Messages using Google Sheet.

Watch this video to understand how –

About WATI

WATI is a product of Clare.AI and is WhatsApp’s Official API Partner.

The WATI Platform currently allows you to create a WhatsApp Chatbot without coding.


You can use the drag and drop chatbot builder or create a chatbot using keywords through WATI. To know more about WATI, visit the official website.

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